Clients share their personal Sunshine Session results and experiences...

Seriously y’all, Eden is such a powerful reiki master. She meets you where you are at with the radiating sun moving through her heart and hands. I have done lots of reiki over the years and have had ‘so so’ experiences. The first time I ever did reiki with Eden she had her hands on my heart and I felt it just BURST open. She held that space for me to experience and feel what I needed to in that moment. She sang a song with her hands on my heart and I felt my inner child start to soften and accept her love. Eden radiates love, light and sunflower essence...I recommend Sunshine reiki as a first timer or an experienced reiki receiver like myself.
— Alex D., San Francisco, CA.
My first healing session with Eden was the most grounded and spiritually enlightening I’ve had with an energy worker. Also the most enjoyable, a journey of rebirth. I’m thrilled to find such support and highly recommend her services. I’ve made my next appointment.
— Emile, San Francisco, CA
Working with Eden was a dream! I had no expectations going into my session, but we shared a truly transformational experience. I felt completely safe and comfortable with her, which is important for such vulnerable work. I’d absolutely recommend Sunshine Reiki to anyone looking for a change and willing to take their life into their own hands.
— Dana, San Francisco, CA
Eden is absolutely wonderful and inspiring. Each session leaves me feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and feeling more in tune with myself.
— Hannah, San Francisco, CA
THIS WOMAN IS LIFE CHANGING! I never participated in a reiki healing session and the experience was again - LIFE CHANGING. Eden is a calm soul and knows what she’s doing! It felt like the best therapy session I ever went to.
— Annie, San Francisco, CA
Imagine going to the dentist for a toothache that’s been bothering you for ages. But instead of a lecture about brushing too much or too little, they help you heal your own tooth and all possible future toothaches, and give you a unicorn to ride out on.

Now imagine all this but forget the dentist and your toothache is heartbreak or insecurity and your body FEELS it. Eden is here to help find what works for you to clear out that baggage and find your personal unicorn to ride out on.

After years of therapists, pharmaceuticals, and self-medicating, my challenges with depression and anxiety are finally easing away. All it took was a beautiful human like Eden to show up without judgement and share her gifts. Once I had my first session, I kept going back, ended up joining her weekend Reiki 1 and 2 workshop, learning how to heal myself with Reiki and how to share it with others!

She’s an amazing healer and teacher and there is no pretension of authority, either. She is able to show up so presently because she is genuinely excited to be helping others heal and heal themselves in a healthy, customized, and tuned-in way.

I can’t overstate the joy of my new life experience that began with meeting Eden. I truly hope your experience is as freeing and magical as mine. Thank you, Eden!
— Ben A., San Francisco, CA
...I had never done Reiki before, but she was so comforting and kind to answer all of my questions and concerns before starting that I knew I wanted to try. I have to say, it was fantastic! Eden really cares about the people she helps and each time I receive Reiki at her practice, which had been a few times now, I see myself becoming the person I want to be/knew I could become...”
— Rachel, San Francisco, CA
Eden is amazing! I opted for a 90-minute session and literally felt like I had a weight lifted off my shoulders. When I have reiki, I unconsciously visualize different colors. They usually end up telling me different areas I need to focus on. Sure enough, the orange and green I saw with Eden ended up being very relevant to me a week later.
She is so warm and loving, I feel like even the biggest reiki skeptic would find her sessions to be beneficial. I really appreciated how personal and welcoming my time with her was, and our follow-up call a few days later was something I’d never had before! Eden genuinely cares about her clients; you don’t feel like just another transaction.
— Vanessa, San Francisco, CA
Eden is awesome!! I had an incredible experience and was amazed by her gifts, and her ability to know what my spirit animal was. I love this type of bird and relate to it so much that when she told me she picked up my spirit animal was, I was amazed. Also she spelled a name of someone she picked up from me during my Reiki/shamanic session. This was of a girl that I had died tragically and it touched me greatly, but somehow she was able to spell the name (not a usual name at all I might add) which there is no way anyone would know that lol, but yet its another sign of her gifts. She is very accommodating, patient, beautiful inside and out and has this great healing energy you feel just being in her presence! I had a great experience and feel she added great value and insight in my session. Worth every dime and I highly recommend her! Thanks so much Eden! 💜
— Ashley S., California
After my Aura Cleanse with Eden I feel stronger and more like myself. She also gave me techniques to try and I’ve been successful with blocking out energy that doesn’t belong to me - I’ll be back ❤️❤️❤️
— Anita, San Francisco, CA
I received a Reiki session from Eden...and was not prepared for how incredibly amazing it would make me feel. It is like having a massage that puts you into REM sleep while you’re still awake. The feeling of energy flowing through your body is so incredibly relaxing and healing, and continues to resonate with me to this day. I felt much clearer in my thoughts, relaxed in my body, and over all happier about everything that I’ve been facing in life. Eden is truly a remarkable soul to be able to approach this practice with the utmost love, respect, and divinity that it deserves. The Chakra cleansing I had from her opened my mind, body, and spirit in ways that I’ve never experienced before either...
— Robby, San Francisco, CA
I have never received reiki before visiting Eden. It was very enjoyable, kind of a mix between a light massage and spiritual energy work. It also brought up some things in me I wasn’t expecting, but she helped me work through and release them. Very happy, thank you Eden!
— Gary, Fresno, CA
Eden is pure sunshine! I feel a lot better after my first session with her. Although I had a short 30 minute session, I still felt completely rejuvenated afterwards. Her upbeat and loving energy is contagious. I highly recommend her services.
— Lauren, Pleasanton, CA

Five Stars!
— Data, Istanbul, turkey