Welcome, Sunshine!


Shine On.

During our time together, I am honored to be your personal facilitator and conduit of energy healing communing with you, as a spirit guide of sorts.

Come bathe in an hour of Sunshine Reiki with me, or indulge in a highly creative Sunshine Session crafted especially for your healing, inside a comforting and private sacred space.

Together, we create a sublime connection to your internal wisdom sources, and communicate with source energy to remove restrictive forces and tap into Your stores of limitless abundance.

We share stories, flow together, move, sing, tell stories, journey, cry, laugh, and play--All of you is welcome and honored in this place of Love.

Welcome Home.

- Love Always, Asha

Asha, Eden McElhaney, is a Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, Psychic Medium, Channel, & Shamanic Practitioner

Take a sneak peek inside a Sunshine Reiki session with Christopher, a real Client...

Session photography provided by: Sam Louie Photography. Model above: a real Client, Christopher.