Shine On.

About the Sessions Offered at Sunshine Reiki

Slip Your shoes off, take a deep breath and enjoy a relaxing cup of custom hot tea in your Welcoming to ease into your Sunshine Session: a personal oasis of health and wellness...

During our Session together, I am a facilitator and conduit for energy expression, an energy artist--as You are--in session we create paintings together, our brushstrokes carrying momentum of mind, body and spirit... My hands are your hands, my breath is your breath: we are reflections of the same.

Experience an hour of Reiki or 2+ hours of Shamanic Creation in a private and sacred space created just for You. You lay fully clothed on warm massage table and create a sublime connection to your internal wisdom sources, and tap into your stores of limitless abundance. If you are a first time Client, every movement is spoken before it is performed, so you feel informed in Your choice to ask questions, step forward and Create. We share stories, flow together, move, sing, tell stories, Journey, cry, laugh, and play--YOU are welcome and honored here.

 - Eden "Sunshine" (Ashe-Re) McElhaney, Karuna Reiki Master Teacher & Shamanic Creation Facilitator

Take a sneak peek inside a reiki session with Christopher, a real Client...

Session photography provided by: Sam Louie Photography. Model above: a real Client, Christopher.