New Moon Red Tent Sisterhood Meeting
6:00 PM18:00

New Moon Red Tent Sisterhood Meeting

Welcome Red Tent Sisters! Every New Moon we gather to nourish our Spirits, have introspection and manifest new visions through self-care, conversation, workshops, and more! At the Events: Bring or wear red fabric to celebrate your femininity. Something meaningful to decorate the alter. The Red Temple is Potluck-style always, so if you have a comforting dish, snacks, or treats to share--please do!

This Saturday evening join the New Moon Red Tent Sisters of San Francisco for a Truth Circle over Yerba Mate, and let's connect in one Voice for all people!

Do You have questions from other women?
Do You need personal advice?
Do You just want to be held and witnessed for something You have been holding for far too long? 
Have an idea to share and gain feedback on?

Yerba Mate is an uplifting tea that has been used as medicine for its nutritive qualities by the people of Brazil for generations, and is usually drank around the fire where people connect in story and song. We will drink Yerba and beautifully witness of eachother individually, and then in Circle as a whole to celebrate this New Moon! 

Won't You Join Your Sisters in Deep Love & Respect?

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