Community Mondays

Mondays are for the Community. Everyone deserves access to their full wellness.

During our Session together, I am a facilitator and conduit for energy expression, an energy artist--as You are--in session we create paintings together, our brushstrokes carrying momentum of mind, body and spirit...My hands are your hands, my breath is your breath: we are reflections of the same.

On Mondays schedule Your complimentary 30-60 minute donation-based session by donation. Whatever You gift is welcome. We can do shamanic work, mediumship, movement meditation, seated meditation, dance, channeled intuitive guidance, or just chat over tea. New to energy work? This is a great lift-off for You! If You would like samples of yoga, massage, or other modalities, just reach out on the Contact page and I will see if a guest Practitioner can provide for You in a meaningful Way!

 - Eden (Ashe-Re) McElhaney, Reiki Master Teacher & Shamanic Healer

Reiki Session photography by: Sam Louie Photography, and with permisson of Christopher, Client.

Community Mondays

30-60 Minute Sessions

$0-$100+, donation-Based energy reciprocity

Everybody is an energy artist, and deserves access to their Creation!

Choose from one of the modalities offered, or an intuitive energetic combo. No one turned away for lack of funds. 

Suggested donation for 30 minute session is $25-50+; 60 minute session is $50-100+. 

What does a Creative Session include?

All sessions are customized to for the greatest good of each person who arrives to create and actively participate in their energy painting. the Creative Sessions include influences from many modalities including Usui Reiki, Tibetan Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Core Shamanism, and intuitive guidance.

Included May Be:

  • Complimentary hot tea and chat in the Welcoming--often this is a big part of the releasing/connecting, and a pivotal part of relaxing into Your Session.
  • Smudging with incense, sacred Palo Santo wood or spray, sage, feathers, crystals, etc. (Please tell us in advance if you have any allergies).
  • Diagnostic journeying with drum.
  • Use of multiple tried and true Core Shamanic techniques to assist to one accessing a more full and complete mental/spiritual/emotional Self, communicating with a loved one, releasing old patterns or blocks, lessening grief and the affects of issues or trauma, or providing a deep sense of clarity. Please contact us for details on the specific techniques used.
  • Chakra energy center tuning and alignment, aura or energy field and ki/chi/prana purification and strengthening, and cellular level regeneration.
  • Crystal application and/or essential oils.
  • Dry-brushing and lightly pressured touch. 
  • On-body (reiki touch)/Off-body (energy field non-touch reiki) Light application.
  • Application of energy healing with the eyes, breath, active visualization or drawing/painting on or over the body.
  • Application of sound therapy with shamanic drumming, Spirit Flute, sound bowls, vocal toning, Tibetan chimes, and more.


Eden is a Usui and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher and Shamanic Practitioner. Session creation is based on her Path of Direct Revelation with advice and transmissions from her Highest Self, ancestors, teachers, and spirit guides. 

...I could feel the energy in my entire body being activated and synchronized. Truly an incredible experience to behold...
— Robby, San Francisco, CA