I Am Not a Healer. I am Not My Titles.

This past weekend, I was in a class with talented teachers and students. Many thanks to them and to my Reiki Master Teacher Ravinder Sappal that I was attuned to now being a Karuna Reiki Master Teacher. Over these 2 days, I learned how to chant, invoke, draw, and tone 8 new sacred symbols, 2 attunements or Reiki transmissions connect me deeper to the source, and learned how to attune others to this compassionate course for Reiki Masters with the International Center for Reiki Training.

Let me tell you, everything has changed (as it has with every attunement and ceremony) yet again. Very subtly, but very much so indeed.

1. If I wanted to title myself it would now be Reiki Usui and Karuna Master Teacher and Shamanic Practitioner. Whew!--What a mouthful! This made me quickly realize that it was too lengthy and redundant in the grand scheme of the flow of energy where all is One to confine myself to a limited box of terms. Another great point, as my friend Riley told me, Shamans don't call themselves a Shaman. They are designated as such by their community and humbly give their name forward.

This title thing is irrelevant and had to change, and my Guides agreed. Do I have training in those areas, yes, but do I need to show it off? No. If you ask I can show you my pieces of paper (certificates). If You show up with me, magic will happen.

2. I am done with the term Healer. I am not a healer. You do not need healing. I do not have the power to heal You. I do not perform healings. We are beyond that now. You see, I used to preform "reiki healings" but now realize: You arrive and Create with me in session when You arrive here in your vulnerability and openness to connect with Source energy and willingness to access your Highest Consciousness without fear or expectation to outcome; by trusting me to paint and channel the flow of Divine Light to You, and with you, using sound, hand-on/off healing of reiki, and shamanic techniques; that we are both accessing our well of abundance this world calls healing in that moment.

I am a mirror of You and You of me. We both ACCESS our healing in a deep way then. My hands are your hands, my voice your voice. We have always had access to this...haven't we? 

Now the lines are obscured. I have changed through a direct communication with Guides the language on this evolutionary-vision-board-website here. Reiki Healing Sessions are now Creative Sessions that will unfold as they Will, and may incorporate many techniques from many modalities in the dance. My Reiki, if you would call it that now, is this: energy artistry.

For now, I am Eden Ashe-Ra, Energy Artist in the Reiki & Shamanic Way.