Reiki Principles

Every morning (and sometimes throughout the day as a mantra of sorts), I will speak or sing these Principles in Japanese. What has always fascinated me is that each Principle starts with "just for today". If we could do right thought, word and deed daily, how much better would our lives be? Living just for today seems so doable doesn't it? When we can truly accept each moment as it is, we are able to move forward that much more elegantly with honor.

Below are the Principles and some thoughts I have when I recite each . . . I hope You find them as useful as I have and still do!

Just for today, I will not anger. Am I holding grudges, thinking vengeful thoughts? Blaming others? Being reactionary? Raising my tone of voice? Am I feeding into other people's drama and negativity? 

Just for today, I will not worry. Am I cyclically thinking about the past or future...can I be present? Am I feeling overburdened?

Just for today, I will be grateful. What is something I am taking for granted? What am I grateful for today? Acts of gratitude are seated in Love and can transform any uncomfortable situation into one of Beauty.

Just for today, I will work hard. I read this as 'just for today I will work honestly in my Practice'. Do I know that I performed my daily tasks to the best of my true ability, or did I give up? 

Just for today, I will be kind to myself and others. Did I speak/think/act from a place of Love to all sentient Beings today? Did I smile? Offer help when needed?

Note: it is normal in this human skin to deviate from these Principles. If this happens, often I simply remind myself which Principle was broken, then repeat it again silently to myself as a reminder to do better next time a similar situation arises. Remember not to get upset or worry that you can't achieve these: being kind to yourself is one of the Principles too! Just work hard, keep your head up, and live each day fully--you will be grateful you did! (See? That's all the principles right there!) Most of all, HAVE FUN!

Shine On, Eden